How To Recover Aol Mail Password

5 Oct

How To Recover Aol Mail Password

Email or Electronic mail was created first in the 1960s then later on in the 1980s it was fully developed. It is the method of sending and receiving messages and files in just one click. Email uses computer networks and the Internet as the premium medium. Many email web services are currently working that allow you to send and receive emails.

AOL Mail is one of those email services that allow you to send and receive emails. Currently, there are more than 4 million active users of AOL Mail. In this article, we will discuss how to recover the AOL mail password

To recover the AOL Mail password you have to follow the below-listed steps so that you can enjoy the same features.

  1. Visit AOL Mail signs on-page or just click this link.
  2. Now enter your AOL username and then click on next.
  3. Now a new page will appear on which you have entered your password. Click on the option I forgot my password present at the lower left side of the page. 
  4. Now here they will offer you two different methods to recover the password of your AOL account. These methods are discussed below.
  5. Same method is used for Hotmail login uk

Recovery Through Alternate Email Address: Alternate email is that email address that you have entered as a backup or recovery email during the process of creating an AOL Mail account. AOL will send the verification mail on your given email address for the verification process.

Open that email and click on Accept. Now Enter the code provided in the email to reset your password. Now you can re select your password. Now go to the login page of AOL Mail and log in through your email address and new security password. 

Recovery Through Phone Number: If you don’t remember the alternate email address then you can go through the Phone Number method. This is the phone number that you have given for the recovery option while creating the AOL Mail account. Now select the phone number option and click on Send me a Code.

This may take up to several seconds and then after receiving the code, enter that code to proceed further. This will lead you to the page where you can select a new password. Type and retype your password and then click to continue. Now you can go to AOL sign-in page and enter your email address and new password to get the log in to your account. 

How to Remember Passwords?

Forgetting is a common problem with almost all human beings. Instead of creating strong but difficult passwords, always try to set your password which is easy for you to remember and not for others. You can also keep a record of your password. Other than this most of the email services gives you the option to save your username and password. Through this, you can automatically log in to your account without even entering your email address or password. 

I hope you like the information but if you still have any query then visit the official AOL mail site and tap the help option. This will provide you all information about recovering passwords.

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